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Alessandro 23.07.2010: Nici I deeply love you with your wonderful, astonishing, sexy, superb, incredible black leather thighboots and you are absolutely the best and only thighbooted woman of my dreams!!!!!! With your super super super sexy,astonishing,beautiful,awesome and deeply nice black leather thighboots you are the nicest, most beautiful, best and only thighbooted dream in the world and you can do anything!!!!!!! Thank you forever,deeply and very very much!!!!Please add more photos of you in black leather thighboots, black leather jacket, black leather corset and gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are supernatural and supersexy, dear lovely and adorable Nici!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This new deeply nice black leather and incredibly supersexy and astonishing thighboots is dangerous for my hearth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jürgen 12.07.2010: da tropft mir der auslaufhahn
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